Interview with Christopher Springate - Transcript

Born in Hong Kong, Christopher spent much of his childhood abroad. After studying languages and journalism in Cambridge, London and Paris, he married a Berlin teacher (two sons). A journalist since 1991, he became DW-TV’s English-language political correspondent in October 1999.

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Interview with Emrys Schoemaker - Transcript

"Emrys Schoe­maker is Dir­ector and co-founder of iMedia Asso­ci­ates, formerly an inde­pendent con­sultant and dir­ector of iMe­diate. He is a com­mu­nic­a­tions and con­flict spe­cialist with extensive exper­i­ence designing com­mu­nic­a­tions and media based ini­ti­at­ives for devel­op­ment and peace-building pur­poses."

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Interview with Francis Rolt - Transcript

"Francis Rolt is a radio journalist and an expert in radio for conflict prevention. He worked as Director of Studio Ijambo, Burundi for Search for Common Ground. Francis Rolt has experience of working in over twenty countries in Africa, South and South East Asia, and elsewhere."

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